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Originally Posted by vancity eagle View Post
Let me put it this way.

The USSR was far more independent of the NWO than current day Russia under Putin.

Even though Putin gets many plaudits, he is far closer to the NWO network than the Soviets who actually kicked oligarchs out of their country.

Putin is friends with many Russian oligarchs.

I have yet to see any evidence of billionaire oligarchs and mobsters who existed under the USSR.

you don't get targeted and destroyed by both the liberal and right wing elites of USA if you are serving their agenda.
i wondered how you would mount a defence of that arm of the conspiracy!


KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov's warning to America

I believe the public should have a say in their own fate and that is why i support free speech. Any media talking heads who argue that free speech must be curbed are arguing that the public should not be allowed a say in their own fate
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