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Default Giant Borneo 'Snake' spotted?

Looks quite genuine to me?

Villagers in a Borneo jungle who live in fear of a mythical, 100-foot-long snake, say that recently unearthed photos prove the monster exists.

The two photographs, one taken from a helicopter by a team monitoring flood regions, and the other from a the river bank of a village, allegedly show the enormous animal winding its way along a river.

Alas, critics are not satisfied, and have pointed out that the pictures could easily have been doctored using photo editing software. The aerial shot of the snake also looks similar to the wake left behind by a speed boat. But believers are adamant that the animal exists.

What do you think? Take a look at the pictures here.

In local legend the monster snake, known as the Nabau, is thought to have the head of a dragon, seven nostrils and the ability to change shape at will.

But before you scoff remember that only last month scientists discovered the remains of an snake that was 45 feet long and could swallow an animal the size of a cow.

(Admittedly that particular species died out more than 60 million years ago and lived in South America, not South East Asia. But who's to say one didn't make it out to Borneo and hibernate for a few hundred thousand centuries?)
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