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Originally Posted by lady_oblivion View Post
I love retics, but really dont have the room for one, even a dawrf, plus we already have a boa and a corn snake LOL. The first link didnt work.
i just sold two brb's here

i think the pic is fake tbh as something so large would have been caught a long time ago tbh .but i'm sure there must be a few large 40 footers leaking about though.
Your shadow is your biggest teacher and ally and yet you enjoy kicking it in the guts as it lies on the floor with you yelling furiously through tears of desperation: "Love and light! Love and light! Fucking love and light!!” Screaming and scrunching your eyes shut trying to demolish your demonic self, like it can be destroyed by the sheer willpower of pretending you are a "figure of light".
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