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Originally Posted by oneriver View Post
It seems that at times tptb use the entertainment industry (ie movies, tv, art etc) to tell us truth which people will take for fiction/lies , while they use the media, religion, government etc to tell us lies which people will take for truth.

could be. here is a story (I kind of made up)

maybe they are trapped with the devil and deservedly so, they are child abusing wretches who refuse to repent. except they launched a revolution against the PoD (prince of darkness) and were hoping they would some how get away with it.. Now the PoD is wise to their words and is coming back like a mother funkin freight train going faster then the speed of light, so they are spreading bullcrap thick and thin to all trying to somehow gain back the moral impetuous (lol try harder guys)

I mean that could be true, could be a great story, it would mean there is no evil force trying to subdue man, just his own inherent evil which he can overcome. but then it would mean you are in HELL, the underworld!!! *insert evil laughter* story not so good.

stories are stories till you choose to believe them and live them imo.
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