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Originally Posted by truegroup View Post
Me: Do you understand what the burden of proof is? I don't NEED to disprove a negative.

You: So back up your understanding with facts not opinion.

Conclusion: No you do not understand the burden of proof.



Me: YOU seem to think evil chemtrails happen, you have the obligation to prove it. I am not obligated to disprove this stupid claim. Extreme claims require extreme proof.

You: I have no obligation to provide a reason for my own opinion.

Conclusion: I agree. Your opinion is just that. And you admit you have no proof for this wild opinion, yet still have it

Me: But that's admit you can't prove they are

You: And you can not admit that you also have no 100% evidence.

You really are being frightfully dim. I don't have to DISPROVE your shit. YOU have to PROVE it.

Example, chemtrails is real, look at those white bits in the sky. Those white bits are water droplets from the plane exhaust. Now what?
This isn’t a courtroom sir.

Have chemtrails been a normal occurrence since the invention of the jet engine ?

Please don’t be frightfully dim by avoiding the question yet again sir.

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