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There is forum for 911 discussion. That is actually one of the things that changed my life... all of our lives.
I had two reactions. First, Something did not look right (specifically how the towers came down (fast, totally straight down, and so fast) second, I instantly knew that the world (people) would never be the same (a sick feeling that something "evil" had happened) I don't have time to get into it all (check out the 911 forum) but after the initial shock, I could see what was happening. Shock, terror, and the eventual erosion of our rights (the patriot act) Many changes... everyone collapsed and gave in... then, eventually, they woke up and started understanding... "what is wrong with this picture". Too much to get into now.
The photo I used for my avatar was taken with a 35mm camera using a "pinhole" instead of a lens... pointed directly at the sun.
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