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From Secret Societies and Psychological Warfare by Michael A. Hoffman:

"Hoodwink: A symbol of the secrecy, silence and darkness in
which the mysteries of our art should be preserved from the
unhallowed gaze of the profane." -Dr. Albert Mackey, 33rd
Degree Freemason, The Encyclopedia of Freemasonry.

'Exposure without action against the perpetrators of the
crimes revealed, devolves into a kind of perverse
advertisement for the prowess of the cryptocrats who are seen
as having performed fantastic feats of criminal enterprise with
a genius that renders them immune from the consequences.
The entire process as a whole smacks of that familiar occult
control device of grotesque mockery of the principle touted, in
this case of the notion of exposure leading to punishment and

What we observe in the population today are the three
destructive symptoms of persons whose minds are controlled by
alien forces
: 1. Amnesia, i.e. loss of memory. 2. Abulia, i.e. loss
of will. 3. Apathy, i.e. loss of interest in events vital to one's
own health and survival. Amnesia, abulia and apathy are
nearly-universal among us today and gaining a greater foothold
with each passing day.

Japanese philosopher George Ohsawa stated that there was
only one incurable sickness—arrogance. If a patient does not
regard himself as sick he cannot submit to a cure. The arrogant
man does not need to see—he already sees almost everything
and what he thinks he has yet to learn, he believes "the
experts" will one day show him. Who are these "experts"? They
are not really doctors of the soul. They do not have the man's
interest at heart. They are in fact his worst enemies, his most
cunning manipulators who lead him to do their bidding like any
slavemaster since Egypt.'
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