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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
Excellent video 3 min video lizzy ... telling what most people on this forum know already ...that Israel/US created, direct and control ISIS

Muslims need to smarten up , this video is a good place to start , I'm sure there are threads on this forum that other members can direct them to .
Pretty much. With help from Paul Bremer, John McCain, and General Salim Idris, with others we don't know about, so that the globalist NWO cartel can steal oil inthe Golan Heights and other places where it gets funneled through Genie corp for rupert murdoch and rothschild. ISIS is al qaeda v2, and they are also used to scare naive Americans into supporting the troops which helps perpetuate the wars for profit for the death merchant weapons manufactures and oil industry. Plus, ISIS and American war monger US armed forces are bombing and destroying holy sites and ancient texts that contain information about technology and history that they don't want ordinary humans to learn.

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