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Originally Posted by fairyelfdog View Post
What an excellent summary of the reptilian concept in it's various forms and branches. Watching it gave me some of new ideas and angles to look at it from and it summarised thoughts I already have. I feel the whole matter is a lot clearer now, at least to me. At least I know where the contradictions and the possibilities are. It's like it's been mapped out and I feel I should type down the options/varieties there is of it here and the thoughts I have concerning it. This has been brewing in the back of my mind for a long time. Thanks for putting it up on this forum, Subliminal. It really does belong here. I agree, lets sticky this. Anyway, this is my mindmap of it all:

Option 1. Reptilians are physical, three dimensional beings that live underground in a hollow earth. They control humanity through having infiltrated and taken over all majour institutions. They use holographic technology to hide their true form. I don't feel this alone is entirely true but I do believe that it's possible that there are physical reptilians, within this frequencyrange or that:

2. The reptilians are entities that exist in a wider frequency range and can 'faze' in and out of human sight and perception and be just on the border of it. I remember John Rhodes mentioning a case when a witness had seen a reptilian, then thrown something at him, which went right through. Perhaps the difference between third and what some call fourth dimension is more subtle and fluid than we understand. Perhaps it's just a matter of degree. In this option it would be natural and easy for reppies to faze in and out of visible light and it would also be possible for them to control humans through possession.

3. However many have reported and experienced rituals in which reptilian like entities are called forward by creating a certain atmosphere and exuding certain energies like intense pain and fear. This is often connected to human and animal sacrifice that it is implied these entities need in order to manifest. They vampire off the energies and the actual blood. The key emphasis in this is the word need. All this says that it
is not that easy for repitlian entities to manifest themselves in our three d reality and that they need to possess human bodies in order to deal with us when rituals are not provided. If this is true then there could be non-physical interdimensional reptilians only or both physical and interdimesional reptilians, like David Icke suggests.

4. But perhaps there are degree differences here too. Perhaps some reptilian entities need rituals and blood sacrifice in order to manifest in this reality where as others faze back and forth more easily. Perhaps some reptilian entities reside on other, more darker frequencies and these are the ones you need rituals to call forth. It could be that there is a hierachy here too. The deeper, more further away a reptilian entity is, the more energy it takes to 'summon' them. The deeper in the pits of hell, metaphorically speaking, they are the intenser ritual it takes. These then would be the masters of the more close-to-earth reptilians and I feel intuitively that there is a unified dark force at the bottom of all this. A consciousness, singular. Not "satan" as christians see it but still a... something. After all descriptions of these entities often mention that they are hive-minded. Not very individual as such and to some degree we are probably all connected to it. Humans through our r-complexes.

There is more i want to write down but I'll continue it later.
Regarding your second point, there's this image from The Biggest Secret that tries to illustrate reptilian possession.

(btw, could some of the alleged ET/reppie contactees and-/or sighters on these boards try to verify if the depicted reptilian face bears some credibility?)

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