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lol @ the name title at the bottom of the screen

''one man army/ clinical psychologist''


*edit* for anyone interested in this , where Peterson mentions telling people to not make threats and the subsequent use of that as a form of a validation , he made the mistake commonly made when dealing with this ideology which is :

it's literally like the ducking pool during the burning times

if you sink you are innocent , if you float you are guilty ( either way - once they have you in the chair - they twist the narrative for self validation )

the trick is not to get in the chair in the first place and don't ever apologize for being alive and speaking the truth as you know it ( it's possible to be wrong , we are all wrong sometimes , but that's part of learning and when people think they are automatically right all the time because they have bought into an ideological stance they are only missing an opportunity to learn )

but still -- lol @ the one man army moniker , made me chuckle
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