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Originally Posted by fanof2012 View Post
The Law of Attraction says that what you do and what you think will manifest in your life, and the fact that you are infinite consciousness confirms this all the more. The documentary "The Secret" at explains this pretty well. One important thing to understand about this is that if you worry about safety and security all the time, you are more likely to be in some sort of accident. Perfect example:
If someone who obsesses about public safety all the time is traveling in their car and keeps worrying that an accident will happen, then that worrying will increase the chances that they get into an accident. The public safety freak will naturally accuse the other person in the accident of being responsible. But there is a problem with this.

As anyone who understands the LAW OF ATTRACTION knows, the fact that you are infinite consciousness means that you will get what you give out. In other words, your experiences in life will be a reflection of your thoughts and actions (i.e. you get what you give; you reap what you sow). Therefore, someone who worries about safety and thinks an accident is bound to happen will get a reality that manifests their thoughts of obsessing about safety, which in turn increases the chances they will be in an accident. Does this mean they should get the blame for their thoughts manifesting the accident? Well now, that opens up a whole new can of worms in the world of law!

And most importantly, this is a very good reason why it is NEVER in your best interest to give up liberty for security.
This makes total sense. What you focus on you create. Energy goes etc,,

But there seems to be another side. Does never worrying about danger reduce the possibility of accidents ?

You see people with headphones on just walking across the road without looking or caring or thinking, this seems reckless and dangerous. They seem too unconcerned about dangers. People that drink & drive seem unbothered about the dangers involved.

Maybe the art is by controlling your thoughts and being wise and sensible without being too focused on that accident happening. Difficult to do sometimes though.
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