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Originally Posted by abrett44 View Post
I was not saying that I can give proof, of course I can't give proof. For all you know I'm lying my ass off. I'm just saying that you can not tell me something is not real and then give me no backing as to why you don't believe it is real.

Why do I believe in Reptilians? Countless eye witnesses, countless videos of shapeshifting, massive historical references to shapeshifting, massive historical references to reptile worship, and I have seen it with my own eyes. That is enough evidence for me to believe that it is a real phenomenon. I am not saying that it should be enough for you, but an intelligent discussion on the matter is better than simply saying "you are wrong", in my opinion.
The more you find out the less you know. Some famous philosopher who I can`t recall the name of said something like :-
I must be the wisest guy in the universe, because I know I know nothing.
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