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Originally Posted by markritter View Post
Speculations really. We have debated the freemason angle before and its a poor argument to claim freemasons are deliberately behind all sorts of conspiracies. Certainly some corrupt ones do and they should, and sometimes do, suffer for that.

Again your mind is blinkered by kabbalah. The idea that the kabbalah is the basis of western magic is an idea promoted by ceremonial lodges and is not 100% true. Also, why should kabbalah be needed to contact the dead? Jews were forbidden to do such things. I cant see why you would need kabbalah to do that, and I speak with a bit of knowledge on my side. Plenty of people contact such spirits with no kabbalistic knowledge.

If freemasonry is qabbalistic then why do they not teach them kabbalah in the lodge? I could point out quite a few differences in the two systems.

I guess we have got really off topic here!
The Tzadikim is also part of the running, ask Melkizadek and his followers who paid tribute to Abraham or also known as the SUN.
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