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Originally Posted by goldenbear View Post
a dentist near us has just had refurbishment.

on the sign outside it says dental and chip i noticed this a few weeks ago but didnt make the you sometimes dont walking around in a daze. this is in uk.

so just keep an eye out for little signs. dentist and obsure places. we already have chip and pin.and i know for certain that in japan they are already implementing cashless society in some parts. as the japanese are way ahead of us in technology and we dont get to here of some of the products out there until 3 or 4 years later. check out saturday 24th bbc click program.
the slow media intevention of brainwashing the public into accepting this crap.

OMG youre kidding! I didnt think it was happening that quickly..
Over my dead body will they ever do that to me. How much were they charging or was it for free?
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