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Another really warm day today, it got up to a 100 in the greenhouse at about 3 of clock, so her in doors got the first seedlings pricked into trays.

I sieved about half a ton of compost from last year's weeds with some help from a fellow allotmenteer, for which I was very grateful, here is the very best compost and a huge saving to bank.

Got all the strawberries cleared and trimmed and ready for another season and covered the frame to stop Mr Squirrel from getting at them, the little buggers eat them while they are still green just before they ripen, they also build circles of them hidden beneath the leaves by biting them off so they don't ripen, hundreds if you let them. They will do the same to the gooseberries too on a hard winter and poor start.

From the srawberr trailers that sprout and run every year I have made another 5 metre bed up against a wall which retains the heat of the day releasing it slowly through the night.

With a bit of luck we might get a few fruits off this new bad if we cover it with wire but a good spring the squirrels don't really bother them, we will have to see how things develop.

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A good day in Yorkshire today a warmish one under the Damson trees.

The sieve is anot oblong of 1/2" inch square weld mesh secured by two layears of roof lathes and screwed together. We place three spade full of compost and rub it down through the wire using a four pronged manure fork which is really easy work compared to a had sieve.

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Thanks for looking.

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