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Default Blinking and Thoughts

Recently I've been reading / watching Eckhart Tolle.

I've noticed in videos that he blinks a LOT. I'm wondering, is this his strategy for stopping or staying out of thoughts? Like every time a thought comes, he blinks to keep his space empty ?. He talks about physical action is a way that our mind chatter can be stopped because you are focused on the action. It just seems like the blinking is a way for him to keep the mind clear while he's presenting.

I did some googling and someone blogged the same observation too, guy wrote that blinking helps during meditation to get out of the mind chatter each time you're drawn in. I've tried it some while I'm at work or whatever but staying in the present moment, and it does help...but I'm concerned, does this create some kind of compulsion? Like a tic? does it become unhealthy?

So, blinking and thoughts, anyone familiar with this? Does Eckhart just blink a lot for no particular reason? I would think if it's part of his method he would discuss it, and so far it's not in the book im reading or any of his videos that I've seen.
thanks in advance
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