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Originally Posted by davebeard View Post
THAT is the fakest looking flag I've ever seen, are you mad? hahaha
Really? So now the frickin' flag is faked.

Whatever. What should it look like and why?

Watch this, 2.40 long so won't bore you to death....


The troll Ianw hasn't responded about his dumbass "bluescreen" sky bullshit The blue flag and the black sky.
It is impossible to reason with an unreasonable person. A proper truther will not hold a fixed, immovable opinion. They will assess all evidence, use logic, reason, critical thinking and position themselves accordingly. If new evidence contradicts and better explains their own, they will adapt. A truther is not afraid to be wrong and is certainly not afraid to change their position. A truther does not ignore contradictory evidence. GOT THAT!?
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