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Originally Posted by ianw View Post
The sky is blue which makes it a natural blue screen. It dont have to be black you could have any color you wanted, but because its a nasa production theyve gone with black.
Oh my god, this guy is just Mr. Makeupdumbshit. A full 360 degrees change without projection. Hmm, those geniuses at NASA could do everything but land on the Moon

Anyway, here's a crusty version of the Apollo 17 flag ceremony part of an unbroken sequence of 30 minutes continuous video(oh those clever people)……

The American flag is red white and BLUE!!

The sky is still black.

And there's also this little problem....

"For decades, travelling matte shots had to be done "locked-down", so that neither the matted subject nor the background could shift their camera perspective at all. Later, computer-timed, motion-control cameras alleviated this problem, as both the foreground and background could be filmed with the same camera moves."

Nasa claim to have the moon and landing sites mapped, landing site to distant mountains should be no problem to find out. Calculating if they should be visible over the curvature relates to maths
Well yes, but you asked me to do it on a picture. Now you want ME to prove that the pictures are authentic because features exist exactly as they should?

Go fornicate yourself I do nothing for people like you unless I have to. You have a thousand points on the table already that you have cowardly ignored.

Your dipshittery about the rocks claims all the geologists are lying then some colossally dumb crap about missiles and impacts to explain zap pits

You ignored where I totally debunked that....

10 miles some of them but what height. A pic of Pendle hill from ten miles looks like the apolo mountains but pendle is a hill.
High enough. Stupid random question gets random answer. Be specific and you get a specific answer.

Don't read too much of that, I know that many words can confuse you

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