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Talking How Do.. Person (Corporation) Have Relative or Be Naked?

How does a person (corporation) have blood relatives or commit incest?

Common words or legal terms? The statutes are written in 400-600 years old language. It is derived from the common law of England about 400- 600 years ago. The English language has change allot during these times. The common words don't meet the same as the legal words?

"Person" defined. The word "person" extends to and includes co-partnerships and bodies corporate and politic. "
-Rhode Island Statutes Section 43-3-6

A person is a corporation. A person is also adopted. When you were born, there was an adoption behind the scene without your knowledge.

If it is adopted, how does it have same blood with brother, sister, aunt, and uncle?

"Child" includes child by adoption.”- C.R.S. 2-4-401

The person is adopted. When you were born, the doctor filled out paperwork. The bar association arranged an adoption behind the scene. So how is the person related by blood to uncle, brother, sister, etc?

If the person is an adopted corporation, how can they be related to uncle, brother, aunt, sister, etc.? The word "incest" close to sound like insect. The body politics (poly ticks) means it is many blood suckers. The blood suckers are the brother, sister, aunt, and uncle. They are the blood relative of the person.

Rick and Morty (Season 2 Episode 4) shows you the legal definition of blood relative. It is found in The blood relative are blood parasites that hijack the memory.

The secret societies put the legal definition in entertainment. You may not find the definition in the legal dictionary. If you read the statutes about the body politics and analyze the sound, it makes sense that the blood relatives are the body politics.

Summers shot one of the parasite and said that the parasite match her blood type for a kidney transplant.

In the slavery days, the word "uncle Tom" was used to denote the Freemasonic snitch. The Freemasonic snitch is the blood parasite.

The incest is the act of sexual intercourse with a blood relative. The act is a deed. It includes bodily movement and possession of property.

The act of sexual intercourse with a blood relative is to sell or buying the fornix of the blood parasites.

How Does A person (corporation) have organs?

The person has a heart, stomach, or sex organ. The organ of the person are the agencies, department, or instrumental. The United States Postal Service is the male sex organ of the United States. The mail man sound like male man. The navy is the navel of the person. The oval office where the president sits is the ovary of the person. When the agencies or organs combine, it becomes an organization.

Paul wrote about the body of Christ in Corinthians. He said that the body of Christ has eyes, feet, hands, etc.

How Does A Person Become Naked or Wear Clothes?

The answer is found in court cases involving 42 USC 1983. A police officer is a state officer clothed in the color of law. The cloth is the authority to act. A naked person is a private Federal Reserve Bank person that is not clothed in the authority of the color of law. The costume the person wear is the color of law.

""Sadomasochistic abuse" means flagellation or torture by or on a person who is nude or clad in undergarments or in revealing or bizarre costume or the condition of being fettered, bound or otherwise physically restrained on the part of one so clothed."
- Arizona Revised Statutes 13-3211

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