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Once again, I'd like to learn the meaning of the time from both ends.

The first scientist who pointed out that time is not the absolute thing was I guess Einstein. I was fascinated by his concept and I am not that smart to understand it and just had to do my things to get by. All I remembered and understood from his theory as a lay person was ;

Bob and Sam are twin brothers.

Bob stays on the earth, and Sam rides a rocket that flies in an incredible speed which is close to the light speed. When Sam got back from "his" 1 year journey of rocket, Sam and "his" world on the earth, it was 10 years.

Now, I'd like to add my spiritual hypothesis on this famous story. ( I already said it in the previous posts, but no one suggested anything, so I repeat in the hope of getting some answers.)

I will add my spiritual hypothesis soon on the next post.....
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