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Originally Posted by kiolm View Post
From what I hear it's to learn. To experience.......Many believe it's Karma. Meaning you get a better life if you do good and a worse one if your a ass.

That doesn't ring true to me at all.

I believe the only reason we're here is to experience. No different than when you go on a vacation and get to act the fool and see other realities.

What I'm told is God can't possibly be anything other than God so he has thoughts. We are His thoughts. Which isn't all that crazy since we have all kinds of thoughts we'd never act on. Or shouldn't.

Imagine if you were God and just thinking something made it come true.

Whelp that's us but get this......Since we're one step removed from God we too create things with our thoughts. Good and Bad......Next are the Acrons or Gins......They are created by our thoughts but they have no love for us. They will use every deception to cause us all angst.......This is what I'm told. And I've seen this in my daily life. The Good news is they hate with a passion Love and Compassion and Gratitude.

One small flickering flame will make the darkness flee.

Your wonder as to why me and now.....Believe it or not you chose your life.

Your Immortal and chose this life based on what you wanted to learn.

I'm learning compassion and tolerance. But I'm in my 40's so you may still be working on just getting to a place to where you can start to learn something useful.

Until I was damn near 40 I was a unthinking Mud Body.
Hey, kiolm,

Thank you very much for explaining in details. See, I am not that smart. I needed an easy and detailed explanation and I think that I can understand this. Have you started something one day by your own choice and you tried to completed it because it was none other than you who started, then 3 months later, you realized that it was a mistake and you regretted ? Then, how many times ?

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