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Originally Posted by mrdragonfly1234 View Post
Why is that all that matters ? Is it just a belief or a fact pointing to where ?

That's a human logic. I used to blindly follow that 1,2,3 in the past. Now I know that something contradictory do exists and our understanding begins to reveal that the realm of contradictory existence is wider. Maybe we are beginning to understand the God's logic; something may exist regardless of human logic.
Nope. Reality is truth. There are no contradictions.

Even If a photon can be a wave and a particle at the same time. All that proves is our premise is wrong about reality.

But here's the thing....Reality is far far stranger than you could possibly Imagine.

The belief that all that matters is how you treat others, comes from millions of reincarnation stories and near death experiences.......And you know this deep down without proof.
I offer the moonies my signature if they can post one photo with evidence for a rocket on the moon. Moonies, Never letting the facts get in the way of a good story. Also explain how 2 planes can bring down 3 buildings
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