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Originally Posted by oneriver View Post
I have no doubt your intellect is greater than mine, and that I have a bigger ego as pointed out elsewhere by de la source.

My post was about the sense organs of the spirit. These are different to your 5 physical senses, probably best described as heart.

I was suggesting that much talk here seems like 'incoherent babble' to you maybe because you are not using the right sense organs to discern truth from non truth.
It seems like incoherent babble because it is. I mean "sense organs of the spirit", really?
Being religious is like being in an abusive relationship. God says - obey me: don't love anyone else: I know what you're thinking: if you leave me I will punish you: you're a terrible person without me: you'll never find anyone as good as me: don't listen to anyone who doesn't understand us: of course I love you!

The amount of energy needed to refute bullshit is an order of magnitude bigger than to produce it.
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