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I see that you want to make one?

Well, good strong trees grow very slowly. But some trees are planted just for their firewood. I planted 150 poplar two and a half years back on a seven year rotation. They will give me a good thickness of limb in that time, but in reality I need them on a ten year cycle in this area.

If one were to do as you suggested and plant them in a square or a circle then you would have to feed them as there would not be enough underground to sustain them and the roots would need to go for yards to find minerals etc. But it can be done.......

However...As soon as you put a Base or a roof to it, in a short time, the movement and growing will mess up your levels! These things might grow another foot in a year on their trunks alone.

Soooooooooo...just plant slower growing trees? They would take half a lifetime.

So sod that

I have seen some planting where bushes and trees have been formed over time. Look online and see ladders, chairs, animals etc.
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