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Let's see the average person go and build a tree house like that and see how long the council/local authority and police turn up demanding him/her to pull it down, usual on the grounds of some made up reason like environmental issues.

I like the idea of being with nature and I'm all for saving wooded areas, but most people don't give a shit about the environment and they easily let the council walk all over them when there is a campaign to stop woodlands being felled or greenbelt land being build on for new "luxury" modern housing estates, which more than likely be tiny hamster sized living space with a a hundred or so other homes squeezed side by side in a 2 and a half acre piece of former farmers field. There was a small campaign in my area a few months ago with a few banners to stop greenbelt being build on, an area which was never used by members of the public, children, etc or even farming equipment. But as per usual they're now building homes on the land. So much for saving the land. I suspect not enough arses were off the sofa from X Factor and the daily enslavement of everyone's convenient lifestyles to do anything about, and besides I doubt any action would've resulted in anything positive - it never does. If a govt, authority or whoever wants something like this, 9 times out of 10 they always get what they want. If they wanted to demolish my house to make way for a road then they could do it and I would have no say in the matter.
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