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Well in my situation I actually go the gym for free as I'm a carer for a disabled person, whom by the way has to pay which has, up until ear!y this year now gone from £3.80 to 4 quid a session. If it wasn't for this person there's no way I would go the gym, not necessarily because of cost but just that I don't have any time. Thus gym is run by the council or local authority (I think), so in no way is it independent, which doesn't surprise me as the radio ads they allow to be put on (a local radio station who've probably been given a leg up to promote the junk food ads) are of McDonalds, etc and promoting Smart Meters; and everyone walking around with their phones glued to their ears, which is know doubt causing health issues, not to mention WiFi everywhere. You'd think a gym would advertise healthy eating, but of course that's not in their interest, and if they did or wanted to they'd probably be out of business. They want to brainwash people into killing themselves with exercise, yet at the same time promote junk food and unhealthy lifestyles. The increase in middle aged and older people (even younger people in some cases) using mobility scooters is IMO an indication people arent living healthy lives, and I don't necessarily believe its to do with laziness, but more the crap that's in our foods, the WiFi, etc that's contributing to this. But people just bang on about this "ageing population" thing.

You're right about WHSmiths being in hospitals. Then again, who's gonna want to grab some health bar from Holland and Barratt when their visiting a sick relative?. They want to munch on a Mars bar, pick up of a copy of a crappy crime novel or MSM newspaper or gossip mag, drink a lot of sugar drinks and be on their way. Speaking of colestral, but didn't Icke say that this talk of low collestral being good for you is nonsense and that high collestral is good?. Is Icke talking bollckds there? I can imagine the amount of people disagreeing with him,but what the hell does the average Joe know other than friggin Dr Hillary Jones from Good Morning Britain tells them or even their GP?.

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