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After what happened to David on several occasions when at the last minute a venue cancelled at the last minute due to pressure from bile sources I came across something similar. This weekend the is the fourth international men’s rights conference in London. Unless I am mistaken originally it was going to be held at Birmingham’s football ground but got cancelled. Now they are not disclosing the whereabouts of the venue unless you buy a ticket which is for the whole of three days! The cost can be spread between three people. Probably another security measure. I wanted to go but the price seems a lot £265 but then there are many speakers. It does seem as though these people are targetting any worthwise cause and trying to disrupt it. It seems they have succeeded here because the 2019 event will not now be held in this country. In case of the need for further venues if anyone would be interested let me suggest Alexandra palace or Cecil sharpe house where I attended an environmental conference about 15 years ago
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