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Originally Posted by mannybash View Post
A lot of what David says focuses on people in power. Some behind the scenes but I feel that a lot more needs to be done to look into this area. Call me crazy but I feel that the root of most evil in the world is dance. I cannot elaborate at this stage except my experiences of them through my photography. Ballet especially is nasty
WHen we dance we are fully in conversation with reality and the music. The same can be said for films or art. They want us distracted all the time. That's why the elite don't have to do much to control our sense of reality. They just need to get us to do things. Work being the main one. Spare time is deadly to the elite. Suppose we all started wondering what the point of life is. We might realise it was pointless. We see this world and we think we are free. We don't think the world is too bad a place. But the trick is subtle like the serpent. The innocuous world of entertainment is a gaudy veil of Maya. Even building model planes is evil.
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