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Originally Posted by isabeau View Post
Interesting thread

As a 6 year old child I woke up at night, at least I thought I was awake, I must have been dreaming I guess
...and I saw a tall dark figure with a hood tell and show me things he said it was incredibly important and that one day I would understand it.
He must have picked one dumb person because I still don't get it
it was a giant turntable like a record player going around and he stood on it and said that time wasn't what I thought it was. He said that as the record could be played fast or slow or even stopped so could time.

Then he showed me a man in my room digging a pile of coal, first the man dug normal, then incredibly fast, high speed, then he dug so slow that it actually caused me pain. Even today if someone plays sounds or images at very slow speeds I feel that pain.
It;s hard to describe but he said that it was very important that we don't play at the wrong speed. That it would cause us pain.

And no I didn't do drugs as a child - can you imagine if I did? I'm crazy enough as it is.

Just the fact that this thread is about time and you guys post links to music and time reminded me of this.

The dream ended when I started crying with pain and screaming my head off and really shaking telling my mum there was a man digging coal in my room too slow and it was hurting my head. I don't remember waking up though and it was very vivid.

Maybe that's what they call 'night terrors'?
Or was it a real message about time? Who knows.
That's some trippy chit. I'm not sure I could make something like that up. I doubt I could.

I will ponder your subconsciousness.
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