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Hi, Edit,

Thank you very much for your posts. Excellent !! I am not a physicist but tried to read all your links and had a vague understanding.

I used to be an engineer. ( I am doing something else right now , more related with rudimentary clinical biology. )

I have some knowledge in biology, engineering. And I have some spiritual inspiration. I am trying to understand who truly I am. ( in this world. ) I have been trying to accommodate what I have learned to solve this problem.

One of your link gave me the information about the world scientists conference focusing on the nature of time. I read the summarizing ideas and was intriguing. Amazingly, those are agreeing with the idea of mine !!

I haven't read or contacted anyone before who had any information about time.

The reason I cam to this forum site was ; when I talk this idea in my previous forum site, which was MMA site, I was ridiculed as a loopy guy.

I am very excited to see you people who are generally accepting time as an elusive quality. I will post the summarizing ideas from the conference.


P.S- Are you a physicist or a mathematician, Edit ?

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