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Originally Posted by heartbeatsalute View Post
Time does not exist.
It is a concept men invented ,so we could organize our society, due to the fact that with the rotation of the Earth, we could have certain hours of light and certain hours of darkness. So finally the wrtest watch was invented, with which we have organized ourselves, and our society. This is utilitarian time,
nothing more, it is ffalse ,but we need it. Wether its light or full of darkness, time does not exist, it is us who age, but after we die ,everything continues as usual. Time is infinite.
No disrespect, sir, but I used to try to accommodate the same idea, "non-existing time". But I realized that it conflicts the idea that stood long time in our language awareness matrix. So, I distinguish non- existing time concept on only a particular condition where there is no space. Then, my conflict resolved.

When there is a space, there is a time dimension coupled to it.

When there is no space, the time dimension disappears.

That's what I'd like to describe in order to avoid the confusion.
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