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Originally Posted by solarclarity View Post
The only connection between J K Rowling and the guy that wrote Freeyourbrain is that they are both spooks, (obviously), assigned the task of applying misdirection as their most potent tool

The writer of freeyourbrain would have been recruited into military intelligence at a young age, already groomed for the role as a result of his lineage and the intel connections of his father,

Any projects he would have taken before (and after) freeyourbrain, would have been undertaken with the specific intent to derail any group(s) that he would have infiltrated leading to the freeyourbrain project, which is a classic case of applying ongoing misdirection

The freeyourbrain project has got legs because it was written anonymously, which of course ramps up the speculation, which is the exact reverse of scaling down speculation, which is one of the supposed main tenets of the homepage, over the gullible reader

Disclaimer no. 1): The world is not a simulation...of some hitherto previous 'purer' world.
Which means (despite Hollywood's intent to the otherwize) we have certainly NOT been inserted into a computer simulation
All that is misdirection, provable with the application of a bit of common sense:

Anyone in mainstream physics academia who proposes 'simulation theory', is a spook, end of speculation.
Anyone who proposes 'simulation theory', in forums, is misdirected, or a spook, period.

Anyone who tells you the otherside can fake anything this side of the curtain is misdirecting you.

Why would you need constant control and faking of every aspect of your immediate environment and parameters of your everyday life, from the otherside, WHEN the spooks are doing the exact same things, this side of the curtain via the mainstream media disinfo

Artificial synchronicity is not an effect caused by the otherside messing with you. It is the validation of non original elements coerced together, by the mind.
All so called artificial synchronicity that you might have felt at the epicentre of, at some point in time, is the brain connecting subliminals on a subconscious level and attempting to map them out, in the physical, hence the unreal feeling of them, in live time situations (The brain has reconstituted the impulse in the subliminal into a subliminal you will recognize enough to understand)
Media subliminals , of course, have been specifically designed by intel teams because intel runs the media

There is almost no such thing as 'free information', without those subliminals running interference pattens, or running the whole thing
Usualy you have to navigate the misdirection even in real information

You are being played all the time on this side of the curtain, so much so the otherside is not a factor, which is WHY you are misdirected to see the 'problems' as coming from the otherside. You can be spied on anytime, from this side, and ONLY this side, via satellites, street cameras, telecommunication devices, mobile phone surveillance (voice and video), phone tapping, online tracking, email 'hacking' and so on.

Obviously you don't further need the otherside of the curtain also doing it as well, at the same time. That is misdirection...

Freeyourbrain has worked as an intel tool of misdirection, for this very reason, and continues to do so, presently

The paedophilia angle is another intel aspect of the project:

It is based on the writings of spook 1950's science fiction writer Robert A, Heinlein and in particular: 'The Door Into Summer'. This was written in 1957 but it’s set in 1970 and 2000...tying into Freeyourbrain which started on April 02, 2000 (which is April fools day plus one)

In the Door Into Summer, the main character Dan is 30 years old in 1970, a robot designer who has been swindled out of control of his robot-designing company, called Hired Girl Inc, by his ex-best friend and his ex-fiancee, so he decides to take a 'long sleep' of 'suspended animation' and wake up to a hopefully better world in 2000

The book is full of horrendously creepy intel markers:
In the narrative Dan mails his Hired Girl stock certificate to the one person he trusts: Frederica "Ricky" Virginia Gentry, who is 11 years old at the time, compared to his age of 30. So in effect an 11 year old girl becomes the virgin (Virginia) hired girl, from the Gentry (aristocracy), who also asks to marry him, once she has gone through the 'long sleep', to a later age

Somebody whitewashing the project as an enjoyable (harmless) read:

The difference with that project and the freeyourbrain project is that the intel scriptwriting team wanted to upgrade the original science fiction version into the later (freeyourbrain) science fact version, to corral your brain into the paedophilia premise, wrapped in an 'acceptable' version, for your mind

You see this premise has infiltrated the mainstream media by now, which should come as no surprise, given that intel OWNS the mainstream media and entertainment industries

So there is no room for doubt that freeyourbrain is wriiten as an intel front

Disclaimer no.2: Freeyourbrain is NOT an unfinished project
The author was taken off the freeyourbrain project at the end of 2001
The reason it is written in the manner it is, with so called 'pending' chapters, is to ramp the speculation. There is way more speculation applied to a seemingly unfinished project than there is to a finalized project
Hence more confusion and misdirection

Disclaimer no. 3): Freeyourbrain was NOT written by an alien
The whole project bears no relation whatsoever with the otherside, nor was it written by somebone arcanely 'inspired'. It's an intel front, with intel pushed themes, for these intel pushed times

The project was written in spook style with various aliases playing off each other
(Piece of Mind and Zero Left ARE the same person)
The links page is highly dubious as well you might expect it to be:
'Frank Pann', 'Josh Nevada' ans 'Helen Cantebury' all have no internet footprint anywhere at all outside of the freeyourbrain linkage, which isn't surprising given the nature of the rest of the project

They are also figments of the (original) author's intent
What better way to control all the dialogue, than to write all of it...

You have to understand the freeyourbrain project was leased as an intel front with strict guidelines the author was to follow, which is why the project has the themes and the misdirection running underneath the whole thing
Very insightful, let me add some of my own thoughts.

The most secretive "black ops" stuff goes hand and hand with interdimensionals.

1. Much mind control technology has occult roots.

2. Those who use these technologies are also those who understand the many spheres of existence as well as how to channel info from beyond.

3. The human race/society has a "backstage" where the same mind control is issued out and this has been going on pre-Babylon all the way back to Atlantean times.

4. The Montauk project is where all this stuff comes together and I am willing to bet the same timeline technologies are involved somehow.

5. Flat earth stuff proves that reality is perception and manipulation.

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