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Originally Posted by fallengame View Post
But answer me this; how is what is seen in this picture possible?
The page you are looking for cannot be found.

There no blast crater under the lander, there actually no disturbance under the lander what so ever. The lander didn't land in this picture it was placed gently on the ground.
That isn't even your claim. You just copied it and repeated it without doing a) a simple forum search for the same claim replied to b) a simple internet search to see the same claim endlessly debunked and replied to.

Please explain, in your own words why a lander that has been throttled back to close to 3,000lbs of thrust, moving laterally, landing on a surface with tightly packed regolith a few centimetres below loose regolith, in a vacuum with rapidly expanding exhaust gasses, would create a "blast crater".

As noted dozens of times before, Neil Armstrong during the first few minutes of his moonwalk was tasked with observing the ground disturbance. He not only photographed under the lander, he actually commented on the lack of disturbance of the surface.

What are you saying? The "hoaxers" remembered to ensure the Earth had matching weather patterns to prevailing weather, remembered to put Venus in relevant pictures, remembered minute details such as the LM shadows moving as the Sun rose and a million other never ending 100% totally consistent things......yet somehow, these same people, experienced rocket engineers amongst them, forgot to spend 10 minutes digging out a crater, photographed this omission and got an astronaut to talk about it?

The pictures show there is very little loose regolith, striations and scouring and exactly what we would expect to see....

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