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Originally Posted by white light View Post
Well, my subjective view is that you and others on the Alt Right are anti- spirituality and pro-occult. Your adherence to and promotion of something called "objective reality" falls into a political and occult vying for power. Politics and the occult rely on a belief in objective reality for it to work in any way, whereas spirituality does not. And that's why you stamp on any spirituality and higher reasoning on the forum and promote this system pandemic notion of "objective reality" and make posts like the one you did on this thread.

Isn't subjectivity wonderful. Yay!
well the occult is hidden where as i speak openly and freely to people

re the alt right i agree with a lot of its talking points but i believe that there is a psyop within the alt right that is about taking the legitimate dissatisfaction of people and then turning that ire on muslims. I'm not down with that

do i believe that there is an underlying morality underpinning the cosmos?

yes I believe that some things produce better results than others

i believe that somethings will poison peoples experience
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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