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I'm not sure whether they believe the Mahdi is literally coming or not.. But Britain & "Christian" America's policies towards the Middle East, from their creation of the Zionist movement to their war on Islam, are definitely due to their Apocalyptic vision. The progenitor of the modern NWO agenda said "all the world's a stage", & they are staging the Apocalypse. They are using biblical & Islamic prophecies as a script, hoping that the global populace will embrace their World Empire under the guise of a messianic reign.

And they want people to see Islam as the ultimate evil... the religion of the Anti-Christ who they will claim is the Mahdi.

It amazes me how many rightwing Christians are buying into this too.
The "truth movement" is a psy-op to stage the Apocalypse:
Manufactured Problem: the Liberal/Islamic "Anti-Christ" NWO - Multiculturalism & Internationalism
Fake Solution: the Theocratic "Christian Patriot" NWO - Nationalism & Imperialism

=Thesis & Anti-Thesis: Don't pick a side!! Don't fall for it!!

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