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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
But cancer is generally a disease of old age. In the 1940s even smokers often died of other things before lung cancer. As average age increases, so do diseases of old age. How many Victorians had dementia? Vanishingly few as most were dead by 65.
So why are we now getting cancer charities to help children with cancer, when cancer is supposedly attributed to old age?. Why, if true, are children being diagnosed?. What's causing this?. I never saw this year's ago. I guess you could say the real "hidden" reasons are things like vaccines (proven?), mobile phone emissions (wouldn't surprise me, but again where's the proof?), unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits, ie not enough vitamin D from being in the sun (yes possible, but any proof?), wifi, pollution, GMOs (proof?), etc. Maybe it's none of those, but it certainly can't be through smoking, unless kids as young as 10 are smoking.

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