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Originally Posted by thermion View Post
BiCarb cures acid reflux symptoms - at least temporarily, I know! But it doesn't fix the cause - like a hiatus hernia that causes my acid reflux - I know that too.

So what's the fix?? Severe diet changes; an operation to fix the tear; or PPIs? And no, the hernia was not caused by 'lifestyle choices'. It's a 'mechanical', physical problem with my diaphragm.

So, I'm curious to know what alternative treatments would do, not that I deserve any advice, given my attitude thus far...?


If you read my GI report and read up on Entric Nervous system youre on the road to self recovery and letting thy food be thy medicine.

All health issues start and end with the health of the Micro-Biome in the Gut.

Its all about BIO ENERGY or Bio Magnetic or energy medicine, the Gut Brain connection and RAW LIVE food.

If you stick 2 nails in a Lemon to get electricity, what happens to the Electricity when one eats the Lemon? does one get electrocuted or does one get ENERGY ?? The body is entirely an Energy system, not a food particle or nutrient system.
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