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Originally Posted by thermion View Post

Interesting. But please explain how something so simple as bi-carb has been overlooked/suppressed as a cure for cancer for so long. Maybe grim could help too.

Cancer cured by bicarb. Known since...?? But kept hidden from the suffering masses. O... K....
You just want an argument or debate. NO amount of evidence will change your mind here. Its more fun to poke fun at your hard headedness.

Ive had hundreds contact me with your same pathetic logic. "why is it hidden"
Its NOT Hidden, its suppressed with threats of Jail and manslaughter charges. Its been driven 'underground' and maybe thats a good thing... Stupid sheeple need to be treated by the system that created them.
Its a win win for the Sheeple system.

But dont knock something you havent tried... its just stupid. BiCarb cures lots of other things too.
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