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here's my all time favorite report... but first a little prelude... from another post...

Originally Posted by elpressiedente View Post
Here's the reports on the device that cures Cancer.

Another CURE for cancer was invented some 22 years ago

and there are other Uni studies if one can speel gogle

Oh and this same device turns water into oil if one knows how to vary the frequency of the DC going into the Water Module.

Here's the sheeple version...
for those who research such stuff.

This is what makes life BETTER

in the year 2000 I attended many conferences on the latest Cancer Research and other cures.
Whilst in Mexico, Tijuana, I visited ALL the Cancer Clinics. A very thorough investigation of my competition.

These guys need results. Or they go broke.


Each Clinic (apart from the Rife frequencies clinics who had a near total failure rate) their SUCCESS RATING depended entirely upon how LITTLE treatment they received in the USSA prior to arrival.

They flatly told incoming patients the percentage success they could expect from Their Alt methods by reading the Med records provided.

This is Private Health Care in a Free Country where a Doctor can prescribe ANYTHING to a Patient as Long as He/She has a Medical License. Unlike the USSA whose FDA Medical Killing Complex dictates what a Doctor can say same as UK and EU etc.

And so Bi Carb and Hydrogen Peroxides is a standard in Mexico as is Ozone therapies and all the rest.

Go out into the real world Thermion and do some f^cking research, instead of your head up your arse and fingers glued to the keyboard.
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