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Thermion, no amount of 'proof' will work for close minded sheeple.

When My Engineer CURED his Bowel cancer with Bi Carb and Maple Syrup, AS HIS ONLY TREATMENT METHOD I told him he needed to fix the underlying problem of why Fungus is in his body, He ignored this advice. Continued his tin can, boxed, frozen and Margarined food intake as Yes when It came back several years later is was so aggressive there was nothing he or I could do.
This makes me guilty of "manslaughter? It does if you are a registered Doctor it seems.

This link is a must for the Pharmaceutical Killing Complex.

Cancers are pathogens. The whole cancer scam industry must shame (like thermion) anyone who says otherwise.

Buddha said to not believe anything he said but to go out and prove it to one's self, then you will believe. So many here just Quote the Pharmaceutical Killing Complex propaganda factory.

For any Dr to say 'try Bi Carb' they can be banned, prosecuted and jailed or even killed like the 80 odd alt practitioners in the USA. This is how they keep Thermion Dumbed down like a Sheeple. And he loves it. Gives him reason to be, here on the icke forum.
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