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Originally Posted by grimstock View Post
NO, NO, NO ---- ACIDITY (among other things) is a problem of old age. So raise the ph accordingly.
Cancer requires acidity to grow. I have seen 17-year-olds and younger die of cancer.
Please don't insult David by claiming he is not telling the truth about baking soda, (whilst at the same time enjoying his hospitality of the forum for five years without contributing)
I'm not insulting anyone. I have also seen a youngster die of cancer. I didn't say it's exclusively a disease of old age. It's predominantly a disease of old age.

As for contributing to the forum, well, I'm contributing now. You may not like many of my contributions, but like I said, this is a forum where we can debate. Do you really want a hot-house of mutual back-slapping and heated agreement? Debate with politely expressed opposing views is not only important, it's essential.
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