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Originally Posted by the mighty zhiba View Post
I think Soham touched almost everybody, in one way or another - the whole country felt its grief, there was mass outpouring of grief, it touched so many people and everyone it seemed felt connected with it somehow.

i know from my own experience that i feel connected with, i can't tell you how or why that connection happened, because i don't really fully understand it myself - but the grief of that town, and this case somehow created waves, an emotional attachment of some kind that i am at a loss to explain or understand.

The day prior to news reports of the girls being missing, i woke up in tears. i remember it still, quite clearly. i didn't know why (at that time) but i was so desperately upset that two girls had gone missing - and this over-whelming feeling that 'i won't ever see them again...' was tearing a hole inside me, somehow.

The only way i can explain that feeling that woke me up is heartbreak - but unlike anything i have ever felt either before then or after.

It was just the saddest feeling, just devastating pain.

And of course then, the next day, the news broke that the two girls were missing. i saw Huntley for the first time, as millions of others did, when he was interviewed on the news feeds, saw the village turn out etc in search for them - it was something that really grabbed the whole country....

Sometime later, i was home, and i had a dream that told me who had killed Jessica and Holly - i woke up with this knowledge that 'the caretaker had done it.' The dream was absolutely clear.

So, i spent a day at work with this thumping knowing in my mind, battling with my own conscience about ringing the police, and knowing how 'i know who the killer is, i had a dream' sounds.

i just felt that i'd be dismissed as crackpot... Anyway, the police arrested Huntley that afternoon, which kinda gave me both confirmation that my dream was right and that my worrying about telling them was for nothing.

I've said that much elsewhere in other threads, what i'm about to write i've only told a few people.

Some years later, i was in Derby and an old friend of mine stops me to say hi. He introduced me to a lass he was with and said that she was enrolling on a course at the university (i think it was child care, something like that...) We didn't chat for too long, just pleasantries, and i never thought much of it. A few years later still, i met up with him again - this time through work, as i'd just got a new job and he was working for the same company. He was with the same lass, as sometimes he'd come to work with her to collect paperwork etc - i thought she was his daughter, turns out she is his wife.

Anyway, long story short - i worked with him for about five years or so, we spoke most days, i'd speak to his wife if ever i had to call him at home - and what was noticeable is that they moved home literally every six months or so, which i thought was a bit unusual. It finally dawned on me through some things that she said, that his wife was Maxine Carr, it all made sense to me why they moved home so often. I've not spoken to either of them for a long time now, as we both moved away and fell out of touch, but i think they had a child together about five or six years ago.

i have no idea why these connections happened, or how they happened, it's kinda eerie.


Lakenheath airbase is a place of high security - as you'd expect from a military air base. It's also a place where people can fly in and out without too many questions - so long as those people are 'the right kind' of people.

Who is going to bat an eye if a military commander, or even royalty or high end political leaders, come to that, fly in to such a base?

That Holly and Jessica's body's were found very close to the perimeter fence of Lakenheath air base - a perimeter patrolled by armed guards and dogs - is of no coincidence for sure.

The MSN have always sold the bs that Huntley chose that location because it was out of the way of the public etc - but any cars parked in that area, and certainly anyone carrying rolled up blankets / mattresses with bodies in them shuffling around in the undergrowth - well you can bet that a US military base is going to be very interested in that.

I'm totally convinced that Huntley killed Holly and Jessica - i'm also convinced, given his previous record of rape and sexual assault on under age girls, that he was placed at Soham, in the position of caretaker, along with Carr who was a teaching assistant, purposefully.

This BS that police records had been missed or lost, or that something went amiss with them is too well orchestrated to be anything but deliberate.

Huntley was put in the position he was, because he was attracted to underage girls and had a history of rape and attempted rape.

Those who put him there, put him there so that he would have access to children - and given Carr's friendship with the children in her care - the whole thing reeks of a set up.

So, Huntley kidnaps two children, VIP's fly into Lakenheath, under-cover and under military darkness. The girls are the victims of the most heinous crimes, murdered and mutilated - i'd say in a Satanic ritual of some kind, and Huntley takes the fall.

The VIP's, either high ranking military, high ranking politicians or royalty, slip away in their helicopters under military darkness - never even to be joined with Soham or Huntley.

It's likely Huntley was MK Ultrad somewhere along the line - look at his eyes in any interview or picture, he's soulless and dead inside.

Someone with a penchant for raping and abusing underage girls could easily be MK Ultra'd.

But that he killed those girls i have no doubt.
Very interesting, thanks for sharing it, and could be?

Do you think Huntley was part of the satanic ritual abuse too?

I would suggest that he was allowed to work their because nobody would question it, if it happened at his school and the evidence pointed to him..
Very strange, him burning the shirts, but then pulling them out of the fire for souvenirs leaving just enough of their and his dna to convict himself..

I have no idea what actually happened tbh, but the taxi driver and petrol station witness place Huntley not at their abduction, but they were not allowed to testify..what about the jogger and the girls scream from the woods? again not allowed to testify..

How can you be fully sure that you didnt actually channel the 'conspiracy'? The set up...the communication between the conspiring minds or a spell being cast perhaps?
We dont know how this works in fairness.

Finally, there is a drug that can be blown into people faces, and it surrenders ones will, they will literally do anything you ask them need for MKultra with this..just a thought
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