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Originally Posted by the mighty zhiba View Post
There were no CRB checks then, techman.

The Soham case was the one that forced police etc to implement checks for those working with children - on the backs of the massive failings in Soham.
I dont think that's entirely correct in as much as the checks existed but the system was flawed

As I recall they did checks at local level - but there was no national data base
So because Huntley had never been charged / convicted previous allegations against him weren't visible to those doing the checks.

You are right about the system being massively overhauled as a result though.

Of course the old system failings are why many now subject to Yew tree or other campaigns slipped through the net - Its worth remembering that when pointing at police failings - theres a habit of judging by todays system rather than the one that existed.
That doesn't excuse police failings - but some so called police failings aren't
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