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Originally Posted by techman View Post
So Hamer, or whoever came up with that theory about Huntley and Carr being completely innocent and used as scapegoats, making them go insane through being inside the hell hole of Holloway Prison, is wrong?. On reading through that article it does make sense, but so does Huntley being the killer considering his past history. Whether Hamer is deliberately misleading the reader or just assumes it to be what was going on, I don't know.

So the two were planted there at the school knowing they would murder two school girls?. Hmmm, I'm not sure. MKUltra would make more sense as opposed to the crime being done by their own will. And what would the point of that be? to divert attention away from the base?.

If a man who had known history of rape or any other criminal act like that was "planted" to work at that particular school, then how the hell did he manage to even get an interview there or even pass a CRB check without them finding anything incriminating that would stop him from working there?.
There were no CRB checks then, techman.

The Soham case was the one that forced police etc to implement checks for those working with children - on the backs of the massive failings in Soham.

i don't know if Hamer is wrong or right, all i can do is offer my own insights which have always served me well over the years

What you, and others, choose to believe is then up to you.

But for what it is worth, i believe that Huntley is as guilty as hell. i also think that other (shadowy) people were involved.
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