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About 2008 I went to my bank with several bags of coins that had been collected over a few years. Small change of 1p & 2p coins totalling about £10.
I tried to pay it into my account, but as it was in plastic coin bags already i.e. £1 per bag,
the woman behind the grill/window said it was bank policy not to accept more than 5 bags of coins.

Non-plussed I emptied all 10 banks onto the counter and said, "There you go. It's not in bags now, is it!".

Lots of counting and mumbling later, amount accepted into bank account,
and a complaint made re the incident got me a £10 payment via the banking ombudsman. Good day after all.

The point being : Stand your ground on this crap!
No Contact! : No Comment! : Do not open the door to them!
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