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Originally Posted by techman View Post
Good point above, exactly my thoughts. I look at both sides of the argument, and has valid as the above excuses/reasons for the topic seem (on the surface), my gut instinct feeling is that's just a convenient and clever excuse to slowly get people used to being asked for ID werever they are going and whatever they are doing, certainly aimed towards the younger, post millenials who are used to this intrusive system, one thats focused on technological ways of doing things and purchasing items. I know people will argue otherwise, but that's what I think this is all about. Its bollocks to do with more stricter control over who can buy alcohol.

We have to allow people to be microchipped. Your body is YOUR body, not the states. As Icke often says "if there's one thing we must say NO to it's the microchip".
yeah they must always disguise their true intentions behind a mask of faux-morality so that they can claim what the CIA call 'plausible deniability'

So here they will say that they are imposing their authority on you to protect people from alcohol missuse

We are going to see the state impose itself on us in more and more ways but it will be done bit by bit to slowly condition people to be used to being a helpless slave of the state
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act
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