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Originally Posted by swamideva View Post
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Does this mean Earth is to ascend to the 5th dimension, to become 'a heavenly planet' as a result of awakening humanity?
I wouldn't call it "the 5th dimension", as God's realm is beyond numbers. But you're pretty spot on. I don't think it'll be a result of an awakened humanity because as you can probably see, humanity is slow to awake. I think the Earth will ascend as a result of God's will, along with the universe's desire to transcend the problem of evil. It'll just be time, for the most part. Revelation talks about the New Heaven and the New Earth becoming one. Spirituality and physicality will combine and the best of both will be enjoyed by the righteous for all eternity, beyond the will of Dark forces that seek to stop it from happening.
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