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Originally Posted by jupiter12 View Post
Reflecting on the dream about the moon with the light breaking through I'd like to add more thoughts.

I believe this thread/OP is well placed (imo) in the matrix section rather than dream as there are overlaps.

I can see now that the light bursting through from the moon (moon symbolism) may express the outer world/matrix breaking through consciousness into this dream reality/matrix ! maybe representative of the truth vibrations.

I've experienced spikes in kundalini/chi/reiki ? energy, which causes variations in energy and dream experiences. It seems to stem from an interest in crystals, reiki and being guided to David's books.

I feel dream experiences relate to other interesting matrix threads regarding an inner matrix, archons & trapped souls experiencing this version of reality.

I sometimes sense a coldness or foreign intelligence in the dream realm, which makes me think of the hack and the AI seeking to parasitize/control humans. Is this part of waking up from the dream ?
Thanks for seeing the relationship that dreams have in matrix theory. For me, it's ironic that now at 42 I am going back to my childhood awareness in the sense that at a child, I did see this physical reality as a type of dream. There are many examples as young as two where my awareness was speculating on the dream like quality of my life as a child and I could see quite clearly that this reality was a dream.

Something I started to dismiss as I grew up until such a notion was buried with many other belief-systems. Thankfully, through lucid dreaming and precognitive dreaming this covert relationship between dreams and reality came back into view as soon there would be no way I could deny to myself at least that dreams [precognitive ones] had a direct relationship to physical reality when they came true. The ones that I changed the dream content in, during lucid precognitive opportunities and observing those changes come true and affect physical reality made this even more evident.

What all of this has allowed is an understanding that regardless of our belief in physical matter reality; what is revealed is that it is just a belief and our reality itself is related to thought creating reality using dreams as the interface to organize new patterns of life experiences.

It's complex, as our psychology is broken down into many aspects which even Freud was aware of in his breakdown of the ego, id and super ego. And this also fits into the Gnostic view of the Daemon/Eidolon relationship.

In my terminology, we have a waking consciousness that is responsible for our actions in the physical world but is part of a larger consciousness system where there are other parts of this system that deals with the non-physical dream nature of reality. Tom Campbell calls this the larger consciousness system, new-agers might call it the higher-self, and the Gnostics call it the Daemon.

The goal is to have the waking consciousness evolve it's awareness so that it starts to become more active withing the larger consciousness system which in turn allows it to start to see and experience this dream/reality dualism first hand. We are bridging a relationship gap between our physical waking self and our non-physical dreaming self to become more unified.

Dreams are organized thoughts which in effect are a language and a programming language at that. They program the details of a dream experience and also render those details so that when our waking consciousness is in sleep and accessing this dream data, renders it into a 3D virtual reality like view.

Our physical world built on similar fundamentals becomes the organized thoughts of the larger consciousness system streaming to our waking consciousness which is then rendering the data stream into the context of what it experiences physically, but less aware that it's merely rendering reality from a data-stream organized by the larger consciousness system.

Picking up on what Robert A. Monroe discusses in his books with regards to NVC or Non-Verbal Communication which is the Universal language in non-physical reality. You'd have to read Far Journeys to see his perspective in how the more evolved entities he encounters can send him a packet of data which he calls "Rote" of organized thought in the form of non-verbal communication, when he interfaces with it and unpacks the data he has a vivid 3D dream experience based on their perspective gaining all their experiences relative to what is in the content of the "Rote".

Well, not only is NVC a language in non-physical reality that simulates 3D experiences, it is also the same very language we are being streamed in this physical reality illusion. A much more evolved and organized Non-Verbal Communication from the larger consciousness system.

Reality is then a language, an information system and we are merely downloading organized thought as non-verbal communication with the larger consciousness system, and rendering that data into a physical experience.

Thus we do reside in a virtual reality where information, not matter is the context that defines our reality. Reality is then the result of language spoken as non-verbal communication and generates content based on the organized thought [dreams] to facilitate our experiences.

Dreams or organized thought is used to program the non-verbal communication from the larger system and the waking consciousness becomes the client connecting to this server and is responsible for rendering that data into a view.

Hopefully that makes sense it's difficult to put into words but that's how I see the breakdown between non-physical reality [consciousness] and the physical simulation which we are now experiencing as a sub-system, or sub-reality of the larger one.
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