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Arrow Nato Expansion

Dad's Army - Opening Titles ..
Enlargement of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is the process of including new member states in NATO.. NATO is a military alliance of a twenty-six European and two North American countries that constitutes a system of collective defence.. The process of joining the alliance is governed by Article 10 of the North Atlantic Treaty, which allows only for the invitation of "other European States", and by subsequent agreements.. Countries wishing to join have to meet certain requirements and complete a multi-step process involving political dialogue and military integration..After its formation in 1949 with twelve founding members, NATO grew by including Greece and Turkey in 1952 and West Germany in 1955, and then later Spain in 1982.. After the Cold War ended, and Germany reunited in 1990, there was a debate in NATO about continued expansion eastward.. In 1999, Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic joined the organization, amid much debate within the organization and Russian opposition...

Entice the tiger to leave its mountain lair..

Another expansion came with the accession of se7en Central and Eastern European countries: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Bulgaria, and Romania.. These nations were first invited to start talks of membership during the 2002 Prague summit, and joined NATO on 29 March 2004, shortly before the 2004 Istanbul summit.. Most recently, Albania and Croatia joined on 1 April 2009, shortly before the 2009 Strasbourg–Kehl summit..In 2011, NATO officially recognized four aspiring members: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Macedonia, and Montenegro. Macedonia has been prevented from joining the alliance by Greece, one effect of the Macedonian naming dispute.. Future expansion is currently a topic of debate in several countries outside the alliance, and countries like Sweden, Finland, Serbia, and Ukraine have open political debate on the topic of membership. The incorporation of countries formerly in the Soviet sphere of influence has been a cause of increased tension between NATO countries and Russia..

Poor Mr. Billings believed he was in charge of a scientific mission for the relief of Russia .... He was in reality nothing but a mask — the Red Cross complexion of the mission was nothing but a mask...

Cornelius Kelleher, assistant to William Boyce Thompson (in George F. Kennan, Russia Leaves the War) ..

Unknown to its administrators, the Red Cross has been used from time to time as a vehicle or cover for revolutionary activities.. The use of Red Cross markings for unauthorized purposes is not uncommon.. When Tsar Nicholas was moved from Petrograd to Tobolsk allegedly for his safety (although this direction was towards danger rather than safety), the train carried Japanese Red Cross placards.. The State Department files contain examples of revolutionary activity under cover of Red Cross activities... directly attack an opponent whose advantage is derived from its position. Instead lure him away from his position thus separating him from his source of strength...
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