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Originally Posted by haarp View Post
Probably better if you told it to a "Judge". Or anyone else who impersonates a position of power. The reason why its not happening is because "YOU" are not doing it and expecting others to walk in your shoes for you!

This is not aimed at anyone in particular, only at those that come to these sites and points in life and moan but do nothing about the status quo. They like to talk about themselves and their life but do not wish to do anything about it because if they do they will have nothing to talk about.
How do you know that?
Actually I have stood up to them in the past, which you would know if you were on the forum some time ago
It led to my leaving the UK. FWIW I'm a realist, the situation is we are goatfecked. It's just a matter of time now, 99.999% of the UK are completely unaware of what's going on, there is no massive awakening that I can see as most of those who do recognise what's going on have already bloody left lol.
I've already done my part and probably opened dozens of eyes to it but even they are unlikely to do anything practical about it.
When TSHTF (which is only a few years away imho) none of this is going to matter a damn. The time for doing something about it is afterwards as far as I'm concerned.
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